Customer Reviews

  • My horse’s wound closed after only a few days of using the Pro!

    Hello PowerCure,

    First of all, thank you very much for the information and detailed description on the site. It is really very helpful!

    As expected, our horse responded very well to the laser when treating a wound.

    With only 5 minutes a day, the wound was closed after only a few days! Fantastic!

    Angelika (Germany)
  • Significantly more total power and faster results

    We had been using a handheld from another brand for several years. Since the whole family uses this device for skin, muscle pain, wound healing and pain , we wanted an extra one.

    We chose this Powercure Pro because it has significantly more total power and therefore the light energy penetrates deeper and the treatment time can be a little shorter. In addition, you can treat larger areas faster. Actually, it has the specifications of much more expensive devices. Experiences so far have been purely positive! Lies well in the hand, has a bright and clear colour screen and also positive is that charging is via solid usb-c. In short, really recommended. Noticeably more power.
    Incidentally, this version also comes with a kind of head over the laser. You can use this, however, we usually use the handheld without this head.

    Family Enschede
  • I definitely think this device has played a huge factor

    I initially purchased this device when my French bulldog was having spinal pain from a herniated disc which prevented her from weight-bearing on her hind legs. I definitely would see relief in her after using this. Fast forward, she is fine now with no remaining pain. I, on the other hand, had surgery and decided to use this device to try and alleviate some of the scar from forming adhesions, and also to treat the tightness due to increased inflammation in the area. I have to say the area feels completely different after using the device! All the tissues loosen up and increases in mobility. I am so glad I was able to find another use for it. I must say, the scars are looking flat and healing beautifully. I definitely think this device has played a huge factor.

    Cedric Kendall
  • joint and muscle pain relief, I’m convinced

    We like it, it’s small and we can hold it handily in our hands, lightweight, good material finish, and so far it has been working without a hitch. Once charged, it provides a healing red light. We use it from minor to moderate joint and muscle pain relief. I was skeptical at first, however, sessions later I’m convinced that it helps.

    We are happy with the value, quality and its intended purpose.

    Mary Ann Shoraka
  • this device is a miracle (herniated disc)

    I’ve been suffering from herniated disc and poor posture.  I was due for surgery in October and decided to try PowerCure after the ads popped up on my Facebook page back in Apr!  Man this device is a miracle!  After 2 months using the device my Herniated disc was completely cured and I got my posture back and feel brand new again!  My Doctor COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!  The support team is brilliant and helped me with all my questions and concerns.  I highly recommend it.  This device worth every penny.  I cannot Thank you enough Lotuxs!!!

  • Pain relief and multi functional

    I bought this based on all of the good reviews and after using it for about 3 weeks, I am very pleased. I have serious endometriosis and I use this to help with my flare ups. I put it right on my yoni to get at my pelvic floor and it works! I’ve used it on my abdomen, knees, thighs, posterior hips for SI joint pain, bug bites, sinuses during a cold, sore throat during a cold, and most recently on my arm after receiving the covid vaccine. I am a movement therapist and teacher and I am most impressed. I’ve used it on my clients as well and they too have experienced pain relief. I’m so into it that I’m going to buy a second one to keep at my studio.

    Clarence Pierce
  • It helps cats

    Not long ago, my kitten bumped into the cabinet while jumping. She was lame. The doctor examined her and said there was some swelling in her foot and maybe some slight bone fractures.She’s It makes it impossible for her to continue jumping around at will,

    The doctor advised conservative treatment, but every time I watched my kitten lift her front legs and meow, I felt very anxious. I bought a PowerCure to treat back pain, and the manual said that animals can also use it, so I rushed to use it for my cat. It was so comfortable to use that she squinted and felt her legs heal a lot after just one week of use and the doctors say it won’t take long to heal completely.

    I also showed this amazing machine to the doctor, who told me that the red laser can relieve pain and inflammation in animal wounds, so it can help cats improve their symptoms quickly.

    Janet Lindsay
  • Good effect arthritis and more

    I have been suffering from perihumeral arthritis for several months. I tried a lot of things, but nothing worked. I felt my shoulders cold and sore. I come from Urmansk. The climate here is very cold and I need a shawl to protect my shoulders even in summer due to periarthritis of shoulder.

    I heard from my friends that low level laser has a good effect on scapulohumeral periarthritis, so I bought a PowerCure home therapy machine. Many people have recommended it to me. It is very powerful.

    After a while, my shoulder was much better, the pain was less and I could raise my hand a lot. Now I use PowerCure every day to treat my shoulder. And it also has very good effect to cervical spondylosis and lumbar intervertebral disc.

    Adam Lucy
  • The effect is beyond expectations

    The product is exquisite, small and delicate for household use, the model is beautiful and simple to operate.  I haven’t felt the pain in my arms and lumbar spine after using it for a period of time. The effect is beyond expectations. It can relieve back pain. I really like its spherical lens, which can control the distance very well. That’s good, there is a good auxiliary rehabilitation effect, and the overall is very satisfied.It is really great to prepare such a small physiotherapy device at home. PowerCure is affordable and has exact effects. It is suitable for people of different ages in the whole family. It can treat hand, foot, waist, back, sports injuries, etc. . PowerCure really gave me a very big surprise, I have become a big fan of PowerCure.

    Sherry Dulles
  • The swelling is gone and I feel less pain and stiffness

    I am from Kerkyra, Greece. I love rock climbing and join various climbing clubs. But because of rock climbing, my fingers suffer from severe trigger finger, and the fingers of both hands are often swollen. rock climbing. I have been cultivating for too long, and my heart is very distressed. A partner in the same club recommended PowerCure Laser Therapy to me, saying that it is an all-physical therapy that uses photons of 808nm and 650nm laser energy to penetrate deep into the tissue, eliminate inflammation in the body and speed up the body’s healing process. He also suffered a second roller-coaster injury, which he also cured with physiotherapy, and now has his own climbing club.. I’ve been using PowerCure for a week now and the swelling is gone and I feel less pain and stiffness in my fingers after a while.

    Moore Carllyle