What is red light therapy? 5 things you need to know

Nowadays, we hear more and more about red light therapy. It should do wonders for yourself, your fellow man and even your pets! And not only should your physical condition improve, but even your appearance can get a boost from it. But what exactly is red light therapy and how can it work so well? This article tells you everything you need to know about this form of light therapy.

What does red light therapy do?

Red light therapy stimulates cellular activity in the body. And when the cells are stimulated, it promotes many of the healing processes in our body.

The red light causes the mitochondria, also called the “batteries of the cell,” to recharge. This often leads to more energy, faster healing of wounds, less inflammation, pain relief and improved skin quality.

Is infrared the same as red light therapy?

No, infrared and red light therapy are not the same thing. The major difference is that the different forms of red light use different wavelengths. As a result, it has a different effect. Red light therapy in the form of low level laser you can often do yourself from home, for example with the red light lamp of PowerCure !

red light therapy

What is red light therapy good for?

Red light therapy is good for many aspects. Thus, it can be used for external improvements, as well as for repairing conditions or reducing pain. Below we recount some of the major benefits of red light therapy.

1. It improves skin health

Red light, also called low-level laser therapy, stimulates collagen production in the skin. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles on the face may be significantly reduced. In addition it also improves overall skin texture and provides a fresher appearance.

2. It provides wound healing and tissue repair

Because the laser light works inside the cells, wounds and scars can heal faster. Whether you have a cut or burn, laser light can help both wounds recover faster. In addition, red light therapy is also commonly used in surgery recovery.

3. It can relieve pain and reduce inflammation

This form of laser therapy helps relieve pain. In addition, it can also reduce or prevent inflammation. This ensures that red light therapy is also useful for conditions such as arthritis or acne.

4. It increases energy levels

As the “battery” of cells is recharged, you may have more energy. And this not only makes you fitter, but also allows your (sports) performance to improve. Especially when using an intranasal laser you can get these effects.

5. It can also be used on animals

These positive effects are applicable not only to humans, but also to animals. For example, many people already use laser therapy for their dogs. Laser therapy is also great for horses. For all animals, it can provide pain relief, healing of wounds and treatment of various conditions.

How do you qualify for light therapy?

Anyone who wants to use red light therapy is eligible. You can just buy your own red light therapy lamp these days.

Thus, the PowerCure laser designed specifically for home use. This laser device is suitable for treating pain, disorders and inflammation. In addition, it can also be used for skin rejuvenation ! And the laser is not only suitable for humans, but just as well for animals. See below the extraordinary experiences PowerCure users have had thanks to the powerful laser.

What can PowerCure do for you?

The PowerCure laser is an effective treatment method for pain, inflammation, disorders, injuries and more. By treating with the laser for a few minutes daily, it is already possible to reduce pain and symptoms. View our treatment protocols for various complaints below.

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